Flexibility, Mobility, Strength classes with Suz

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Unlock Your Potential: Creative and Innovative Teaching for Empowered Movement and Self-Expression

I am a creative, innovative teacher – no class is ever the same. My creations are barrier free, they ‘happen in the moment’ and they are based on my participants and how they respond in the moment. I easily adapt and accommodate my choreography to match their needs; I have a clear understanding of the destination for each of my clients and I use my creativity to help them reach their goals.

I firmly believe in movement as a healing and self-regulatory tool.  Movement, breathing and calming our analytical minds enables us to be the best version of ourselves.  All my teaching involves specific joint mobility exercises, muscles strengthening and full-body flexibility exercises.  I incorporate balance, proprioception, skills-training and free flowing movements.

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Diverse Expertise and Passion: Unleashing Optimal Wellness Through Movement

My teaching is based on my background; Athletics, Dance, Ballet, Fitness, Gymnastic-based training, Physio, Pilates and Yoga – gaining qualifications/accreditations, training myself and working with clients for over 23 years.

I devote my life to stable minds, happy hearts, and healthy bodies. I want to inspire and help people to achieve optimal wellness.

You can rely on me to turn up with my head, my heart, and my body. I am fully present and alive in every class. You will have a unique experience in a fun, hard-working, collaborative culture.

Thank you for your interest in my classes.

I am here to guide you and I am known to transform ‘non-movers’ into people that will never live their lives without movement again. They simply fall in love with movement which brings more love, higher confidence, widens the possibilities to feel youthful and helps equip them for everything life has to offer.  Through your movement journey, you can fulfil your life goals.

Suz x

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