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Experience safety and personalised attention in our small movement classes at SF Studios London, where we limit each class to a maximum of 12 people.  Join us to explore different movement disciplines and elevate your skills in a supportive environment.

whole body sf studios london

Whole body

All levels

Start the week on your mat.  Posture, breath, a calm disposition and focus are the best ingredients for a splendid week and just what you need to sustain your energy.  Mobilise your whole spine and give every joint your attention.  Loosen what is stiff, and strengthen it without injury. 

We focus on your weaknesses; we support you to train the parts that need attention most. You will learn a lot about your body, the way you move, breathe and even how you think.  No class is ever the same – each week brings its own lesson and each week feels like a new beginning.

strengths and cv fitness sf studios london

Strength & CV Fitness

Advanced levels

Sophisticated strength means power, it means that there is a good combination between pure strength and movement speed and capacity.  This is achievable only when the body is well-balanced, and coordinated and when you as an individual understand what you do, why you do it and how you are supposed to do it.  Efficient strength training makes us resilient to injuries. Uneducated strength training gives us injuries.  To pump blood fast and efficiently to support the big muscle group during any demanding activity requires healthy hearts and lungs – aka fitness!

rehabilitation class sf studios london

Rehabilitation class

All levels

If you love details and are interested to learn how the body works and how to make it work better, then this class is for you. 

This class is at a slower pace, as at times we are tired, especially when we move towards the end of the week, or when we work our way through an injury or we recover from a set-back.  Every person is pushed to their own level, however we stick to the recipes, and we add the ingredients: (mobility, strength, flexibility, CV, balance, coordination, breath and skills) one at a time.  You’ll work at the level that suits your needs on a specific day. However, we stick to the recipes, and we add the ingredients: mobility, strength, flexibility, CV, balance, coordination, breath and skills – one at a time.

modern pilates sf studios london

Modern pilates

all levels

We begin by establishing posture, alignment, and core stability.  We then progress to dynamic and isometric movement sets which will tone and strengthen your muscles and work your joints.  A full body workout.  Besides a strong ’classical’ Pilates influence, you will also experience Yoga, Barre, Mobility & Flexibility practice elements.

Classes are limited to 8 spaces to provide individual attention to each student and are taught with modifications and progressions to suit All Levels of Ability.


functional fitness training sf studios london

Functional Fitness Training

Intermediate to advance

Providing sophisticated physical fitness.  Looking good is great, but the greatest benefit lies in the sophistication of movement patterns.  When we move well, it looks effortless.  That’s what we call ‘skilled’.

Every movement has a purpose; every movement or task has a combination and an order of movement pattern. A highly skilled instructor understands and implements those layers in an efficient manner.  We want you to achieve and maintain your optimum fitness levels; however, we want you to feel and perform long-term without injury, compromise or cost.  We pride ourselves in the intelligent way we teach people to be fit.

feel good yoga sf studios london

Feel Good Yoga Flow

all levels

This class offers a variety of postures that help you develop a better balance between body and mind.  No two classes are alike.  The Vinyasa flow dynamically connects one posture to the next using breath; we like to call this ‘moving meditation’.  Vinyasa is about harmony, fluidity and grace.  We move; notice how we are moving and what moves us.

strength and flexibility sf studios london

Strength and Flexibility (Dynamic Flow)


Let loose Friday – at the end of the week, we’ve all worked hard, we’ve concentrated and focused, now it’s time to step onto the dance floor, the court, the tract – and let it all happen. You will put your strength training of the week into practice.

Expect dynamic postures and creative movement patterns – a mix of yoga, Pilates, gymnastic skills, ballet, breathing and hard-core fitness.  End your week on a high!

This class is a celebration of a healthy, fit body.

Who will assist you

Associated practitioner

Alexander Kelly

  • Personal Training Level 3
  • Gym Instructor Level 2
  • Personal Training Practitioner CIMSPA
  • Emergency First Aid Level 3

Suzanne Ferreira

  • Physiotherapist (BPhysT)
  • Pilates Instructor (APPI)
  • Acupuncturist (ACCP)
  • Certified Co-Active Coach ( ACC)
  • Certified Coach with The International Coaching Federation ( ICF)

Andre-Alex Kamienski

  • BA (Hons) Theatre Dance
  • 200hr Barre Teacher Training
  • 12 Years Professional Experience in Ballet and Modern Dance
  • Gym Instructor Level 2

Krisztina Juhasz

  • Yoga – 200 hours Yoga Teacher Traning
  • Upaya Yoga Centre, Goa, India