John’s take on Functional Movement Assessment

johns take on functional movement assessment

Where to begin with the functional movement assessment?

At the start of every journey, this question often comes to mind. More interestingly perhaps is why we ask ourselves this question in the first place? Why does it feel like we become stuck at practically the first hurdle?

In order to achieve something, in order to improve, we must take stock of where we are. This could be reviewing your finances before budgeting for the future, evaluating your strengths and weaknesses before embarking on a new career or assessing your current fitness levels before starting a fitness regime. Of the three examples above, the first two seem pretty logical and perhaps occur more frequently than we realise. The last example, however, can prove slightly more confusing.

Why are we assessing your current situation?

Enter the Functional Movement Assessment; a comprehensive set of exercises performed under the supervision of a highly-qualified and experienced coach or therapist designed to assess your whole-body functional movement quality and fitness status. Over 90-minutes you will be safely guided through a range of movements designed to assess your mobility, flexibility, physical strength and cardiovascular endurance. We will also discuss your current wellness, goals, needs and strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to develop a comprehensive overview of your health and wellness status as a start-point for your journey. We can then accurately monitor progress through re-testing.

What happens after the functional movement assessment?

After your assessment, your results will be reviewed by your team of therapists – exercise, physiotherapeutic and/or others – to develop a detailed programme to address any issues which may be exhibited in the assessment and to help you reach your desired goals. This will then be communicated to you in order to develop a suitable plan of action.

assessing your current situation
movement assessment

The FMA is designed for everyone and everyone would benefit from it. Functional movements make up every movement we perform in our day; they can also be applied to almost every sport or physical activity.

Improving our ability to perform these movements, therefore, carries over into our everyday life and sporting/physical activities, and in order to improve at something we have to take stock of where we are starting.

If a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step then a Functional Movement Assessment will help you to learn where to place your foot…


– John

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