3 Questions with Domenico Pappano

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What can you expect from Domenico?

Domenico takes the time to listen to his patients in order to specifically tailor their treatment – he ‘signs a contract’ with them, and is always honest and caring, fully respecting their needs.  He considers the client an active participant.

The treatment itself is more akin to ‘body work’ rather than purely massage therapy; a combination of deep tissue and massage techniques teamed with assisted stretching and movements.

Domenico interprets massage as a journey where the therapist is the medium that connects the patient with their bodies – for example, feeling certain muscles that you never knew existed.

Energy exchange between massage therapist and patient is also something Domenico is very passionate about and only recently discovered – he was one of the few sports massage therapists that continued to treat patients throughout the pandemic and he felt a real connection with his patients, an energy flow. He truly believes the energy of touch is both powerful and healing.

His love for educating the patient is witnessed in every treatment he gives – being part of the active healing process and helping the patient move their body correctly in order to heal is one of the most important aspects of his work.

What is a bad a massage and how can you avoid this?

A bad massage can slow down sports performance, increase nerve pain and limit the range of motion in a joint – to name a few. Domenico advises the best way to overcome this is to do your research and find a good therapist; someone who listens and understands your needs, someone you can trust and communicate with, and someone who makes you feel comfortable.

What are the benefits of a massage with Domenico? What are his specialties?

Domenico’s speciality is massage therapy for office workers and people who sit for long periods during the day affecting their posture. Lengthy hours spent in front of a screen maintaining the same position can lead to many musculoskeletal issues including painful muscles and joints, chronic neck, shoulder and back pain, even migraines. Domenico’s specific training and skills allow him to help combat this by manipulating the muscles in order to help the patient relax, restore and improve their posture.

If a patient is physically active then Domenico recommends massage be included as part of a fitness routine, for example like we naturally incorporate stretching before and after a workout. Muscles need to be stretched and free from knots to increase sports performance and help the body to recover more quickly.  Soft tissue work also needs to be considered as part of any rehab process.

Massage therapy includes many benefits – reducing pain and tension; relieving stress; improving immune function, circulation and energy; lowering heart rate and blood pressure; increasing sports performance and speeding up recovery.

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