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Relieving Muscular and Joint Tension for Pain-Free and Comfortable Movement 


Hands-on treatment: “touch” – the ancient therapy that is still used today with great results.  This treatment is relevant from severe pain and trauma to peak sports performances.  
Deep Tissue Massage promotes circulation, oxygenation, the elimination of toxins and it helps you to deeply relax and to let go, allowing the brain to enter a ‘theta’ state where healing occurs most effectively. 


Imagine deep pressure and a pull on every muscle that hurts.  Think of manipulation on each stiff bone.  Add a good combination of stretches and contortions and you know what to expect.  
This massage is performed differently than the other massages, usually on the floor.  
You will keep your clothes on during this massage and even though you are passive, the treatment will feel quite dynamic.  You will be moved around a lot while entering a deep relaxation and you might even be walked and stood on. 


This massage opens up energy channels to aid circulation through the use of needles and glass cups.  It also works well for detoxification. 
The needles get inserted at therapeutic points to achieve their desired effect, to create chi and to release trigger points and tension bands.  The cups are placed on stiff muscles and then squeezed to effectively create pressure – basically your muscles are sucked off the bone – and blood-flow to the specific areas is promoted.

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Domenico Pappano

  • Kinesiology and Sports Science (BSc)
  • Remedial massage
  • Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Dynamic THAI Massage
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Member of The Federation of Holistic
  • Therapists (FHT)