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Previously, I used to DO in order for me to BE.  
Today, my BEING, is the foundation of all my DOING.  
The world I live in, everything I do, nothing makes sense if I am not my centred self. 

What is Coaching

Life is a continuous learning process filled with successes, failures and perseverance.  True confidence fosters a growth mindset, allowing us to overcome obstacles with the belief in our eventual success.  Coaching nurtures confidence, instils hope and provides equanimity.

Meaning and Purpose = Fulfilment

Fulfilment is a fundamental human longing derived from finding meaning and purpose in our work, relationships and community.  Prioritising what truly matters and saying ‘YES’ to it while saying ‘NO’ to distractions, unlocks the golden key to a balanced life. 

What to expect

Coaching comes in different forms, catering for various needs: 

Category A:

Process coaching, one session per week. 

Category B:

Balance coaching, two sessions per month. 

Category C:

Fulfilment performance coaching, starting with a few sessions and tapering off over time. 

Who will assist you

Associated practitioner

Suzanne Ferreira

  • Physiotherapist (BPhysT)
  • Pilates Instructor (APPI)
  • Acupuncturist (ACCP)
  • Certified Co-Active Coach ( ACC)
  • Certified Coach with The International Coaching Federation ( ICF)

Hollie Rottman

  • Certified Co-Active Coach
  • Certified Coach with The International
  • Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Masters of Human Resources Management
  • Classically Trained French Chef