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Many of us live lives that are too small for our spirits. SFS takes you on a wellness journey to discover the value in you and your life and transforms your wellbeing.
suzanne ferreira
Suzanne Ferreira

My story, the one etched in my memory.

As a kid, I reveled in crafting intricate challenges, daring my brother and me to conquer them. Little did I realize, these hurdles I concocted were a demanding mental and emotional test.

A hands-on spirit defined me, a young master of neck massages, easing my grandfather’s and father’s burdens. The latter, plagued by migraines, found solace in a dark room. Silently, I’d approach, positioning myself with care, fingers dancing beneath his occiput. Guided by his reactions, I balanced pressure, a delicate dance of relief.

Boyish sports were off-limits, yet a rugby ball or cricket bat sparked my purest joy. Hockey, netball, tennis – I embraced them all, a whirlwind of passion.

But fate turned sour at ten. A rustic netball pole dealt a brutal blow, leaving me with brain damage. Coma-bound and out of school, life during that haze remains a blank slate. Petit Mal Epilepsy was my new companion, accompanied by medication till sixteen.

Epilepsy’s grip brought fatigue and a need for frequent rest. Sleep became sacred. My vigor waned, a life recalibrated with caution. Training, play, intensity – all scaled back. Isolation in a quiet room replaced bustling classrooms, a stark shift.

Despite the setbacks, my spirit burned. I yearned for the vibrancy of old, a life unlived beneath my dreams. Competing waned, accomplishments arrived but never stretched to the brink. Others thrived in rigorous training, while I watched from the sidelines, a game of futility.

Our Reasons to believe

Our Values

When you walk into SF Studios you will understand more about yourself and how you function, whether you want or not.

We are dedicated to teaching and inspiring you to look after yourself well, with love and passion.  We don’t do meaningless ‘ticking boxes’ or just ‘go through the motions’ without you making any emotional connection.    

We are devoted to you to derive joy in keeping your heart, mind and body healthy.


We provide in-depth knowledge and a never-ending quest for understanding you and your situation, your pain, needs, dreams and more. You will know what to do, and how to do it safely and correctly, making you progress and achieve results.

devoted to the right solution for you

We are totally devoted to finding a practical solution together with you, staying truthful to our competency and capacity. A place and space to think.

Collaborate with you

Create and maintain trusting and personal relationships with you where you are engaged and feel supported, encouraged, confident and proud. And bring back those smiles to your face.

SF Studios London



Begin your Wellness Journey with a thorough assessment, understanding the problem’s complexities and factors, while establishing a trusting relationship with your therapist.

The SFS therapist will gather relevant information for an accurate diagnosis, identifying where you are now, your wellness status, desired goals, what’s working well and what hinders your performance.

Your therapist will ensure they can confidently meet your needs through this process.


Knowledge, insights and then clear articulation is fundamental to enable you to understand what is going on and what to do about it.

You must understand and trust the diagnosis – no doubts. Otherwise, you’ll become passive in your treatment and remain feeling disempowered. Then, in our view, you won’t achieve optimal wellness.


Gain clarity on your journey – understand the direction and partnership with your SFS therapist.
Questions to consider:
What’s your Wellness Plan?
Expectations of one another?
Approximate duration of the journey?
Cost involved?
Home-based work required?
Time investment?

Enrolment sets SMART goals, fostering a positive disposition and clear intention towards achieving and sustaining optimal wellness.

Take Charge of your health. Change your wellness status.
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