Chapter 9 | Passions

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Authentic Passions vs Idealised Passions.

I had a wonderful chat with Marco this morning. A friendly catch-up whereby we always exchange ideas and thoughts.

We spoke about the scenarios where we, as people, have all these ‘ideal visions’ and how we talk about what we’re going to do with our time – getting up early, exercising every day, meditating daily, enrolling onto online courses, gardening, tidying, sifting through files etc. The list is endless.

I wonder… imagine if we all had to write a list of ‘the things we will do during our lock-down period’.

I wonder how many of those things we will actually end up doing? Why is that? Why do we start and then don’t finish? Why do we procrastinate? Why do we get so distracted?

I have many ideas, milling through my head. I wonder what you are thinking?  Before you refer to my ideas, perhaps ask yourself the same question and then write your answers down on paper. They belong to you, and only you.

Perhaps to start with, there is something to be said for ‘actually writing something down’; a decision, a promise to yourself. Perhaps the deed of writing and seeing it makes it more real. There are many sayings along the lines of ‘talk is cheap’…

How many of us actually structure our day: time available + actions to be completed (times allocated realistically) – taking into consideration the possibility of interruptions and a possible lack of concentration and energy.  For example, I painted for the second time yesterday and after 45 minutes I realised that my strokes were becoming sloppy; I couldn’t have cared less. Thank goodness that I had the awareness and I immediately stopped (it pained me to no end to wash my beautiful excess of paint down the drain), or else I would have ruined my whole painting. Luckily, now, I only have to put one bit right (and hopefully I can). That was such a valuable lesson and I have a rough guide now; 45 mins for painting however the whole procedure takes 60 mins as I have to set the painting station set up but I do have all my goodies pretty much ready to go now – and I PUT LESS PAINT ON THE PALLETE!

We have such a misconception about our abilities within a framework, we fool ourselves. And if you really want to do something thorough it’s much more intensive than you can ever imagine.

I think that… ‘once upon a time’, ‘I used to’ and ‘back in the day’… are small sentences that misguide us – wanting to do the things that we want and even tidying the house is not merely like ‘jumping back on a bicycle and cycling down the road’, it is all labour and time intensive. I have completely lost touch with how much time things take. I had to make my list about 30% less to get all the things in that I want to do per day.

Another thought; due to the genuine problem of having lost touch with ourselves (because we rarely spend time on our own) we have lost touch with what we really love, what we most enjoy. We do not know what our passions are anymore, we might have previously liked something however by starting it again now we may realise that we don’t love it as much as we thought and when you find that something is a ‘task’ and you are actually aware of the ‘energy you spent’ then it most probably is not your passion. It is either something that you feel you ought to do, e.g. exercise and/or mediation or something that you were perhaps influenced by someone else into doing and loving it and you wanted to have a bit of ‘that’ for yourself.

This is such a fantastic opportunity to discover what our authentic passions are, the things that seem to be effortless (albeit requiring great skill and dedication at times), the things you don’t mind getting up earlier for and don’t mind putting energy into or mind sacrificing something for it because it really makes you happy. Contentment is in the HERE, NOW and AFTER and even looking FORWARD to the next time.

Mission: Week 3 | identify Authentic Passions and write them down. Create a Structure whereby they can stay in your life.

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