Chapter 8 | Peace And Quiet

feather floating on water

I have had so many people express how much they absolutely love the ‘silence’ that they experienced over the weekend. Some decided to switch off the music completely and instead sat or lay in bed, listening to the birds, listening to ‘silence’.  Is ‘silence’ not such a beautiful sound? A sound that we hear and experience so little; instead every possible ‘void’ usually gets filled with something in our normal life, or life as it used to be before.

This period is extending many gifts and the gift of silence is definitely in my ‘top 5’.  Imagine now that we can all collectively get to a place where we can mirror that ‘outer silence’, with ‘inner silence’ – imagine collectively on a global scale how the frequencies of energy will synchronise and slow down, how the whole earth will begin to ‘calm down’.  I have this vision of a perfect, calm day. The weather is warm, the sky is blue, there are only a few soft, white clouds on the horizon… I am lying on the beach, the sand is warm, it is not burning, it’s just incredibly comforting, I can feel the warmth radiating through my body, I can feel how my chest sinks a little, my breathing slows down and I am breathing from the base of my lungs, completely unhindered. The horizon reaches far. I am not focusing on anything in particular, however I am aware of colourful movement (people in bikinis, shorts), bodies are moving towards the water, towards the shore, moving in the water, moving on the beach.  Everyone just seems to be happy to ‘be’ and to play. My body is getting even warmer and I start to feel the need to lie down and close my eyes but just before that, I become aware of the waves in the sea, in complete harmony, as if they have been conducted. The distance between them and the height of each crescent seems to be reaching the same distance. The waves effortlessly build in volume as they are being pushed to the shore by a greater internal force. When they break, they remind me of the foam in my shampoo bottle when I try to get the last few drops out after adding a little water and giving the bottle a good shake… foam everywhere… white foam.  Bubbles always have a childlike character for me, it fills me with energy. I particularly love walking on a beach and seeing the marks of ‘foam’ left behind, it always reminds me of the ‘great power’ behind the waves… That ‘something’ that is so much bigger than my little comprehension.

My days so far seem to flow effortlessly, they just roll from one day into another. I am curious about my inclination to stick to ‘week’ and ‘weekend’. I found myself negotiating what I deemed reasonable and important in each ‘time section’, I then realised that the only difference between my ‘week’ and ‘weekend’ is my online commitment to teach. It was kind of simple, however it still had a ‘bubble-effect’ of the work week spilling out into the ‘weekend’.  The only difference, for this ‘body/mind/soul’ that had been metaphorically spilt onto the ‘beach’ is that it’s full of energy for creativity. Remarkedly less exhausted than before. I am discovering a ‘new me’ over the ‘weekends’ and I rather like this version and what it’s thinking, feeling and wanting to do….

Another notation in my diary to remind myself:

1. Define how you feel now, waking up on a Saturday morning.

2. What is it (feeling, emotion, energy) that you don’t want to let go of?

3. Why?

4. How will this version serve you better in fulfilling your life’s ambitions/dreams than the other (well-known) exhausted version?

5. What will you do to keep yourself free from being exhausted after your work week Suz?

6. How are you going to keep yourself accountable? (Accountable buddy, how to measure?)

Realisation: How much output is sufficient and will serve yourself and others in a balanced way.

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