Chapter 10 | Tall Trees

tall trees in a forest

Extension | Upright and Tall | Trees

We struck it so lucky.  We planned a late evening walk on the Heath – we left around 18.05pm. The sun was setting slowly, there were shadows, reflections and the tips of the trees were basking in gold glitter. It was absolutely magnificent. There were people, but not hundreds, most of them very respectful, the temperature was beautiful and you could feel a lovely fresh breeze – and lastly the birds singing, on steroids… steroids of fresh air I reckon.

We kept on gazing up and studying the trees. Their monstrous sizes, their grandiose shapes, the different barks, some shiny and flat and others that look like they are carried by ‘moles’.  The trees are all growing tall, upwards to the light. Most of them balance their trunks by growing branches in opposite directions. The heights of the opposing branches seem to vary a little and they might vary in shape and a little in size, however all in all there’s quite good symmetry and balance when you have a good overall look at the tree. Then of course, when there is a clump of trees together, they have to fight a little for the light, they have to go a bit off-piste, they have to sacrifice ‘being straight’ and they have to resume other shapes, more horizontal lines and work with asymmetry. However, they never give up the ‘fight for light’, and somehow, even though different shapes and sizes, they seem to manage to get up to a reasonable height.

It made me think of people and how we live and let live. How we manage to give one another room (space) and allow one another to take on our own, unique, individual shapes and sizes. Allowing one another space to breath, to grow, to be, to catch some sun.

I was also sadly thinking of monstrous trees, that overgrow everything, that push their roots far beyond their own territory, being greedy for more infiltration, more water and more nutrients from the soil. They push relentlessly, they delve down, across, upwards, everywhere and they fight hard for their position in the sun too. At times it’s as if they are desperate for more light, perhaps weary that their ‘patch of soil’ and ‘vertical space’ will not be sufficient to support them.  Luckily, nature seems to deal with this phenomena quite well, and most of the time, when people don’t intervene, nature seems to sort itself out.

I wonder what tree, if any, I would represent in this world. I so hope that the trees around me feel safe, nurtured, comfortable and joyful. There is something beautiful about a solid Oak, but then again I don’t have that endurance, I am too wild in character – what tree is solid, however has a bit of a bend in it too; more solid that a Willow….?

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