Chapter 22 | Clarity

garden path next to house

It is such a wonderful feeling when clarity comes, when she has arrived at your doorstep and you are convinced of your stride. You don’t think of consequences, you have no fear; instead you take your step with determination and with a sense of energy. There is an internal drive that propels you. It is a wonderful feeling.

This feeling is enforced by the fact that you have usually ‘come through’; you have broken or worked through something and you have come out the other side, or a different side. You have battled with uncertainties, with worries, self-doubt and at times negative reinforcement habits which are usually based on fear and self-doubt.  These negative reinforcements are useful to keep you passive, to stop you from taking action – you are still working things out, you are still preparing yourself – at times we shift slightly, however we don’t quite reach that place of clarity. Instead we decide to do something else or we might even decide to carry on ‘as is’

When that moment of ‘clarity comes’, it means a real change; a new way, a different method. You choose a different direction or you choose to stay in the same direction, however, in a different way. A moment to saviour. As the true, authentic re-awakening or transformations are rare (too many are fake, or a little bit like a drug, a compulsive chase for a ‘kick’ and in many cases just an art of rationalising, even to yourself),

I mean, when you make a decision with true conviction, that decision has to last for a considerable amount of time or distance.

I am always listening with a finely tuned ear, these days I even say I hear, but I will believe when I see and continue to see.

This state of clarity is usually connected with a very clear, grounded voice. You usually articulate yourself slowly and you only have to say it once (I sometimes observe this with parents, the last and final truthful warning to a child).  You don’t explain, you simply state.  You are completely at peace with the result, for example, if someone says ‘no thank you’, or ‘I don’t want to’… it does not make you lose your focus or direction. Your decision is based on your inner truth, which reflects a vast amount of experience, knowledge and a considered amount of trial and error, and reflection.

I would imagine, important kit for the toolbox for leaders.

Let’s stride with clarity even in times of uncertainty. What are the things (habits, beliefs, routines) that will never change in your life? Are you convinced?

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