Chapter 11 | Light-hearted and Joyful


Blimey, what a realisation today – ‘how serious I have become in my life’ – about everything ‘time management’, well actually around everything. Ouch, not a nice realisation.

There I go, off on ‘a continuous mission’ of working, achieving, doing, scrutinising – even serious when walking to the tennis court, travelling to a facial or having to have that 30 mins in the coffee shop with its stream-line service and place to sit (preferably in my regular spot) with hopefully no-one around me or at most someone quiet without their phone on speakerphone…

I had two responses to this realisation: Start to cry (hide away) or start to laugh – I opted for the latter.  Then I think of the clients coming to the studio, I think of the people on mats around me in different studios or classes, people at the hairdresser, in the queue at M&S, in restaurants… when did life slowly become so serious? And why?

Can we produce and achieve only when we are serious? Or perhaps it’s that we are so bombarded with volume, frequency, noise and interruptions that we have had to adapt to this new skill of ‘being serious’ to be able to focus? I am a culprit, 100% for sure. Bloody Hell.

Right, new chapter in life; light-hearted and joyful focus.

How do I achieve this?

Put a joyful picture on my cupboard that represents this message: ‘light-hearted, joyful focus – living and achieving through ease and joy’.

Do less, talk less, contact less, answer less, teach less, work less, think less.  Instead widen the ‘window’ around everything I do and enjoy each of them a little bit more –  even cutting up card boxes to fit into the recycling bin or approaching a difficult body movement or yoga pose – all with a lighter heart. Take the pressure off. Reduce the anxiety. Feel less exhausted. Be a nicer person to oneself and others.

I am going to give my hairdressers, facial therapists, coaches, trainers, colleagues, bank manager, accountant, family, husband and friends the permission to be light-hearted and not serious whenever they are with me, and together we will still do a proper job. For all of you that know me, remind me to be light-hearted whenever you see or feel that I am not. Thank you.

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