Overwhelmed Part Two

overweldmed part 2

Signs and Symptoms and Guidance

The better we know ourselves, our deepest inner core, the easier it is to help ourselves and most often we need to reach out for some help from a specific person that we trust to help us in this specific matter. Who is that person who listens well, who understands well and who acts as a safe/objective soundboard yet demonstrates compassion and honesty? 

Who is that person that you yourself can listen to, without becoming defensive?
When is the time to speak, when is the time to be quiet, and what is the mix between the two?
What to walk away from? 
To what to walk to? 

The above are all personal, reflective questions that you could ponder. It is useful to think a little, perhaps to be a little bit more prepared when that next big wave comes.

feeling overwhelmed signs and symptoms a
feeling overwhelmed signs and symptoms

Redefine Equilibrium

It is wondrous how the body, heart and head reset themselves when you do take time out, how it is natural for most, to be able to redefine equilibrium (in some severe cases where serious levels of burnout are experienced, resetting can take much longer, years to resolve, and for those people we extend our deepest empathy. For those people who suffer from complete immune system relapses, psychological problems, chronic pain and/other sicknesses, we trust that in time you will find your way and will be able to reset your equilibrium).

When the clouds shift, often you could even experience an instantaneous shift of disposition, after you have made the decision ‘to take time off’ – as if a weight has been lifted, as if you are able to breathe wider and you literally feel more relaxed, body, spirit, and mind. The compression and pressure have been lifted. 

When this ‘break’ or ‘shift happens’ ease into it and lean into it. Then start to be observant, the moment your head wants to decide, feel how your body responds, do you feel that the energy is positive, does it feel good, easy or does it start to add pressure. The moment anything adds pressure or the familiar judging voices of ‘should’ appear – close that door and wait for another to appear. Lean against the door, what is the invitation, how do you respond. You will find that there is an energy that naturally calls and when you follow it, you will find an ease of flow…that is the flow to choose for yourself right now.. 

Follow what feels naturally good and accessible. 

feeling overwhelmed signs and symptoms b

You will find that you are able to relax, that your thoughts are not interrupted, that there are even spaces between thoughts and that you are also able to drift in and out. Depending on your levels of energy you might find that you start to feel very tired and that you have an intense need to sleep, in which case – go and sleep until you have had enough sleep. Others might want to wonder or simply gaze, some people enjoy using their physical bodies, they enjoy pleasure from movement/sport, others want to read and not be distracted. Some want to cook/do something around the house/garden- whatever calls you to immerse/emerge, follow that. 

At some point you will feel that you are starting to revert to your natural habits, that sleep normalizes, concentration capacity starts to return, and you will start to feel curious and interested in ‘what is going on’, however the previous strains of stress, anxiety, fear etc, will be diminished. You would simply find that you are more interested in an ‘upright way’, meaning that your capacity to hold/carry is returning.

Delay stepping back in for another day or two, when you still feel curious, interested in an ‘upright way’ – step in, however if there are any residue of toxins left, even the stress of having a difficult, but necessary discussion – stay away. Allow your inner self just a little bit more time to truly strengthen and for you to find and stand in your solid footprints.  


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