Overwhelmed Part Three

overwhelmed part 3

How to REsolve

Being fair is so important in life, for self and others. It is the foundation of any relationship – with self and others. 

We have acknowledged that most people, who are exposed to high levels of pressure/stress/responsibilities experience an episode or a few of ‘being overwhelmed’ in their lives. This is also a good thing as you learn more about your capacities, thresholds. It teaches you to set boundaries, to take care of yourself and those around you. It teaches you to keep yourself, and all the systems in which you function, as well as possible. 

After you have experienced ‘being overwhelmed’ once yourself – you will start to notice those around you that also show signs of ‘overwhelment’. 

overwhelmed part three how to resolve a

Warnings Signs of Being Overwhelmed

Below is simply a list of examples, you are most welcome to define your own warning signs and symptoms. You can then even share those with your team and design an alliance for the future.  

  • Busy bees, constantly busy with something in quite a stressful way, yet not achieving much; 
  • Trying to kill many fires at once, but not being successful in any;
  • Concentration lapses, interruptions;
  • Poor memory, at times no short-term memory;
  • Inability to sleep, or restless sleep;
  • Drinking more caffeine than normal;
  • Unhealthy drinking/eating habits, severity both ends of the spectrum;
  • A lack of physical exercise and physical hygiene – no time;
  • Signs of intolerance, irritability, anxiety;
  • Very sensitive – walking on egg shells, high levels or quick access to defensive behaviour;
  • Lack of enjoyment, lacking signs of any joy;
  • Lacking a sense of humour;
  • Withdrawal behaviours – do not want to take part in any activity, a general behaviour of avoidance; 
  • Work-obsessed, an inability to stop working; 
  • Training obsessed, an inability to stop training;
  • Desensitised – no notice of environment or what is needed in the environment (relationship voids with others, lacking emotional intelligence);
  • The over-use of the word ‘urgent’ (as if everything has become urgent);
  • An inability to prioritise; 
  • An inability to switch off. 
overwhelmed part three how to resolve c

What to do after you have had an episode/period of "being overwhelmed"?

Take stock, explore without any judgement. 
What happens to me to end up in this state of overwhelment?

What do I fear most?

What happens to me when I get into that state ‘when I cannot put it down’?

What can I put into place to ‘scope’ my work and responsibilities better?

What would a balanced three-months look like – starting today? 

Do I need a Coach?

Do I need an accountability partner?

What hobby/pursuit do I trust to bring rest & relaxation and inner peace? 

Where/How can I eliminate the stresses?

Who can step in for me before I reach a high level of stress?

What are my top three symptoms to inform me that I am starting to experience ‘overwhelment’?

When you are a self-reliant person, a person who explores and is open to learn about yourself, you would already be ‘on your way’, the next steps would have been, or will be, clear shortly. We urge you to take those steps. 

From a personal level, I know very few people in my life,that live high-indexed successful lives, without some sort of mentorships, coaches in place. Whether is it to improve your golf, whether it is to help you maintain equilibrium and sanity – I totally vouch for having an objective coach in my life, without whom I simply could not live and lead my life. Equally, without dynamic, competent, supportive, pro-active, humoristic, humanistic teams – life would be an absolute misery. 

overwhelmed part three how to resolve

Be that person, that people want in their teams.

Aspire to be that person that pulls his/her weight, however who does not take the reigns of all carriage horses in his/her control – spread and share the load, let all the horses pull.

Change command of the steering too – avoid blinds spots.

Broad vision is a necessity and for that you need the eye and insight of more than one. 

– Suz

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