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Enhance Strength, Efficiency and Movement Quality

Create your own private Movement class

At SFS we believe that quality movement patters are the best medicine to keep our bodies, hearts, and brains healthy. Any muscle; anywhere in the body; is only as healthy/good as the joint it acts on. Thus, when a joint is stiff and/or unhealthy it directly influences the health and the performance of the muscle(s). The leads to poorly controlled movement patterns, poor postures and bad habits, pains and many adverse symptoms. Simply put. The body is unable to perform at its best, instead of being ‘your supportive friend’ it becomes a pain and an obstacle.

We want to avoid this as far as possible and the only way to do that it to ensure that your body is put through good quality movement patterns, ideally daily – even if it is 15 minutes/day.

So where to start?

What to do?

So little time, so many constraints, so many obstacles.

Make your life easy, declutter, get rid of confusion and over-load. Know where to start, what to do, how to obtain success – injury free.

Invest in a Thorough Movement Assessment by a Qualified Coach who is highly invested, passionate and has a wealth of experience and knowledge.
  • Let the Coach provide you with a Diagnosis.
  • Make sure you understand,
  • Together: Set Goals to Achieve. (Meaningful, realistic, transformational)
Let the Coach provide you with a clear Plan and Programme (small segments of simple steps to implement daily).
  • Make sure you agree and feel confident.
  • Enrol
  • Start optimising your body to perform at its best.

Private sessions in London are expensive; we encourage you to select like-minded people, with the same values as yourself in terms of commitment, ambition, focus, respectful group participation and more.

Think of someone that you will enjoy learning, have fun with and who will motivate you. We want you to look forward to your ‘small private movement sessions’ – in fact, it must be one of the highlights in your week.

SFS is offers the best motivational, educational, dedicate space in NW London to learn how to move under supervision. You will simply love it.

Who will assist you

Associated practitioner

Alexander Kelly

  • Personal Training Level 3
  • Gym Instructor Level 2
  • Personal Training Practitioner CIMSPA
  • Emergency First Aid Level 3

Suzanne Ferreira

  • Physiotherapist (BPhysT)
  • Pilates Instructor (APPI)
  • Acupuncturist (ACCP)
  • Certified Co-Active Coach ( ACC)
  • Certified Coach with The International Coaching Federation ( ICF)