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Later in life, aged 30, I suffered an enormous snowboard accident in Italy. My right arm was destroyed, from wrist to shoulder. My diagnosis was poor. 10% chance to keep my arm, a debate of an immediate amputation to save my elbow (as gangrene crept in) or to give it time to recover. There was no way in hell I would let them amputate my arm, I distinctly remember making eye contact with one of the consultants and my ‘whole being’ said NO! 

Yet another operation to relieve the pressure in my arm, to try to relieve the pressure on the nerves, to free-up some bloody circulation and to remove dead tissue. 

The pain was indescribable, there are no words to explain that deep visceral, neural pain, the intensity of the fire – as if you burn-up from the inside out.  I have no idea how I pulled through. My guts, my mental disposition as a ‘fighter’, the absolute knowledge that I was not going to give up my profession, active life, myself.  My family was a tremendous support during this time – the medical professionals were outstanding, however the emotional support from them was none.  

I ended up with a severe depression for 2 years.  I know now that I was severely emotionally traumatised.  The physical aspects got the best attention, however no-one offered me any emotional support.  I completely collapsed, my marriage collapsed.  Running marathons saved my life.  My dedication to my work, my learning, saved my sanity.  

At one point I realised that I needed help and I contacted a psychotherapist.  My emotional journey started and I never looked back.  Talking things through, understanding how life has shaped you, what the influences are, how you are wired is ‘a must’, in my eyes.  

After a sabbatical in Italy, I completely re-shaped my life and I came back and stood before choice.  I made a promise to myself that I would only re-introduce into my life what I truly missed and longed for.  Language, country, culture, vocation – everything.  

After nearly four months I knew that I wanted to return to England and I was passionate and determined to return to the medical world, however, this time I would do it ‘my way’.  My declaration and firm commitment: That every single client crossing my path, falling into my hands would be cared-for, educated and supported as a ‘whole’.  Body, Heart, and Head.  I made a promise that not a single patient/person in my life would suffer from unnoticed emotional trauma as far as I could possibly help it.  The pain, isolation and desolation that I suffered through emotional, physical and mental torture – is a pain that I do not wish on any living being, yet, it has shaped me and I am the person I am, because of that pain.  Of that, there is no doubt.  Pain has been my greatest teacher, my biggest challenge.  Through pain I have become strong; I work and play wiser; I consider things in greater depth and I am a far more conscious person/therapist/teacher/friend/human being.  

I realised that psyche & physical therapy are symbiotic and I came to understand how beneficial incorporating the two fields in my practices would be in terms of long term healing.  I seriously considered training as a psychotherapist, however my heart was yearning for a more dynamic, forward, pro-active approach.  I also have not had a great record for ‘long miles on a chair’.  I am a natural mover and I choose to move more than what I sit.  

I started earnestly to explore avenues in the ‘talking-therapy world’.  I contacted institutions, spoke to professionals and then I discovered Life Coaching and it ticked all of my boxes.  I started my Coaching Diploma in 2015 and I never stopped.  
I absolutely love every aspect of it and I now fully integrate my treatments, movements and talking therapy in every part of my personal and professional life.  The combination is incredibly powerful and effective and knowing that I am able to offer my clients what they need at a specific time in their life, is one of the greatest achievements and joys in my life. 

Every single person in this world will face a challenge(s) in their lives.  Mentally and/or emotionally and/or physically – how do you overcome that challenge?  How do you work through the challenge?  What do you take away from the challenge?   
It takes work.  You need to be surrounded by the right ‘team’, you need to feel safe, you need to trust and you need to have a positive, hopeful disposition, irrespective.  Things take time, sometimes a lot of time…  I do not believe that you can endure these difficult periods when you do not have trust and faith that you will succeed long-term.  You have to have a goal, an aspiration, something has to make you fight! 

SF Studios was launched in 2016.  It has developed immensely over the years and it now consists of passionate, multi-disciplinary teams, working together to support our clients and their individual needs as comprehensively as possible. 
We treat, we move, we talk. 
We learn, we teach, we progress.  
We laugh, we live and we love. 

To run a sophisticated service in London (in the world) that requires a lot of space and a high level of individual contact from experts to clients with very high expectations, is the biggest challenge of my time.  In some ways, it has become nearly impossible, except for those that are blessed with big purses and optimal resources such as time, energy, discipline etc.  

Health – physical, emotional and mental – is challenged daily, globally.  

I do not believe that an effective health system is obtainable without a supportive educational system.  To see a specialist is one step, to have a one hour treatment under supervision is another step, to be in a class under supervision – yet another.  However, the amount of time that you live inside your own body and spend time by yourself have to be factored in.  Think of the percentage.  Think of what it takes to be a professional – 100’s of hours, monthly!  You have to be in a creative, educational system that guides you to navigate a pathway for you and your needs.  Somehow, you need to get to a place where you are ‘nudged’ to do that 15 min health top-up daily, until you don’t need the nudge, rather, you simply want to do it because it is too good not to.  That is when you start to nudge another to do the same and soon we find ourselves in the ‘positive healthy nudging’ community and taking great care of ourselves become a joy. 

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