Interview With Elon

elon and his journey with sf studios


1. Why did you first come to SF Studios (SFS)?

I arrived at SFS following a recommendation by my weightlifting PT. I was looking to find a complementary physical activity that would support and enhance my weightlifting journey and specifically to help me recover from a shoulder injury and to assist in avoiding any future injury.

2. What got in your way when you were considering coming to SFS (emotionally and practically)?

Since Marco and the Studio came highly recommended by my PT, I was not sceptical, nor did I have doubts. I was mostly keen to start working out and continuing my health and fitness journey.

3. What did you expect of SFS?

In terms of the studio itself, I’d heard it was a very nice, pleasant and very well equipped place. In terms of the staff, Marco came highly recommended so I had great expectations and was eager to start training with him.

4. When you came, how did you feel?

When I first got to SFS, I had a chronic shoulder injury that was categorized as a ‘shoulder impingement’. Marco helped me overcome this long-lasting injury by strengthening my shoulders and rotator cuff muscles and by greatly improving my control and range of motion in my shoulder blades. I am very happy to report that I have fully recovered from this injury and can now train freely.

5. What did you do before SFS?

For many years I did no physical activity whatsoever however 3 years ago I decided to undertake a lifestyle makeover, get back in shape and eat healthily. I started practicing Yoga on a regular basis and after a few months added some Pilates into the mix. About two years ago I started weightlifting and I am still doing it to date.

6. Were you a regular mover?

Unfortunately, not. I was first introduced to the ‘movement culture’ by a friend of mine, Igor, who is one of not many trainers at the Ido Portal studio in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I train with Igor every time I visit my home town of Tel Aviv and I always knew that I had to also find someone who could accompany me in my movement journey here in London. Gladly I found Marco, who is the perfect fit for the job!

7. Tell us about your journey;

When I started my journey at SFS, I was mainly focused on fully recovering from my long- lasting shoulder injury. I was also suffering from carpal tunnel pains every now and then and my main goal was to heal completely so that I could start training better and harder.

After a few sessions, my shoulder pain started to decline and I felt stronger and stronger.

Once I was better, Marco started introducing strength exercises along the mobility and rehabilitation exercises we were doing up to that point. I was very happy to discover that I enjoy the strength/Calisthenics exercises at least as much as I enjoyed the mobility part of training. These days we are focused mainly on strength/Calisthenics exercises combined with mobility work to support it.

8. Did you overcome or are currently overcoming any fear(s)? What does conquering certain beliefs/fears mean to you in your daily life?

Before coming to SFS I tried many different strategies in my quest to recover from my shoulder injury. Among other things, I tried going to an Osteopath, physiotherapist, gym, Pilates, and even an orthopedic doctor. Some of the things I did helped improve my injury, however, nothing solved it.

At this point I was fearful that this injury might last forever, thankfully, I found my way to SFS and Marco and the true solution was, apparently, to find the right coach/ training partner who knows his ways in Biomechanics and can truly work with me, long-term, to improve my overall fitness level.

9. What is your biggest joy?

This is an easy one – spending time with my wife and 3 kids and more specifically, traveling with the family.

10. What is your biggest ‘hate’?

I try to keep a positive mindset and not ‘hate’ anything. In terms of fitness, the thing I hate the most (and am very bad at) is running.

11. Do you only train your body at SFS?

No. I also train at the gym twice a week with my PT, Adam, and try to squeeze in at least one session of cardio a week, which is usually a session of HIIT.

12. Next goal? Is there one?

I would like to be able to do a proper handstand (not against a wall) and to maximize my overall flexibility and mobility.

13. What is the most important life lesson that you will take away with you from 2019?

Being persistent, the results will follow.

Being content at the present by acknowledging the achievements that I already have rather than waiting to be successful at some future point.

14. Can you ever imagine a life without weekly movement?

Most certainly not. It is hard for me to imagine a day without movement, let alone a week!!

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