Gratitude + Hydration + Sleep

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Implement 3 small changes in 1 week

This is a point in your journal where you have the chance to implement a few healthy habits in one week, if you wish to. If you are not ready for “a few small changes in one week”, then simply skip this chapter and come back to it when you feel ready. Perhaps, you would like to repeat one or all of the previous chapters or you simply want to go straight to the next chapter. It is up to you really. I purely make suggestions of implementations. 

These healthy habits hopefully will become part of your daily life, things that you will naturally want when you start to feel the positive impact they have in your life. Nothing is amazing, or life-changing or extra-ordinary in any shape or form, they are merely small building blocks for a solid foundation for health and happiness in your life. 

These small acts help me when I get stuck, when I feel a bit disorientated, demotivated, lack inspiration and when I start to feel down about myself and/or my life. Being able to speak to the right person: a coach, a very good listener (trusting friend with a reasonable amount of objectivity) and/or a psychotherapist helps, me get unstuck too. 

Reaching for my ‘grateful journal’, writing how I feel, deciding to take 2 hours ‘out’ and be quiet and still – are very helpful too. It is healthy to be self-reliant and resourceful in our lives when we can. Make a bit of effort. 

When I must perform, go to work, treat my clients, teach my classes, inspire and lead my team I have to implement the things about which I am very confident will make a difference. For me, it is sleep, water and my gratitude journal. From this base, I seem to find myself in a reasonably confident space to navigate with good direction.


“Too much information, too many items to consider can impede thought rather than facilitate it”. — Herbert Cooray

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