Chapter 6 | From The Inside


Only a very short observation today:

‘As long as it comes from the inside out, it will all be ok’

This is a little mantra I made for myself that applies to my teaching, my writing and my creativity – all of it, however the ‘inside’ refers to my gut and my heart, not my head. My head could easily become influenced by ‘the outside’.

I started to feel the first niggles of ‘ought to’ or ‘what can I write?’… And that is exactly when I have to stop myself.  I am lucky enough to have this awareness and to understand the ‘impulse’ that drives me towards my actions/reactions and consequent behaviour(s).

So, today, I won’t write.  I don’t want the writing to necessarily become a ‘habit or routine’ and definitely not a task nor an expectation of myself. I only want to write when I feel from the inside that I want to express myself or gain insight and understanding of my thoughts by letting them unfold into words (which is a very enriching process for me!).

I am immediately aware of a little relief; being a little lighter. I am feeling ready to immerse myself into something else, without that ‘little nagging voice’…

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