Chapter 18 | A Change In Atmosphere

Canyon and mountain

I noticed a change in the atmosphere over the last couple of days. There is less fear in the air; it feels more relaxed when you go out. I can see it in people’s bodies and faces, I can certainly feel it in myself.

At the beginning, it was as if people made themselves as ‘narrow’ as possible, as if they wanted to zip themselves up in a very narrow, tight lining. When they passed you, or you passed them, it was as if you held your breath. You did not even want to gaze in their direction as you wanted to minimise any possible increase in threat. People also walked with a mission; brisk and with purpose, an end goal in sight. Like a march. Now, people stroll, some even wonder and some people gaze.

I have noticed many more smiles and easy facial expressions, and for most the frowns have disappeared. For me, it could be many things, it might be that we have already adapted, that we have had to accept a new way of being, moving, living, because there is absolutely no point to fight it, so you surrender and you ‘go with it’.  I also think that people have found their own rhythms and these rhythms reflect in a community and keep the community peaceful and in harmony.

For those that are still very scared, going for a very early morning walk or very late evening walk might be the answer as you will be surrounded with the people that possibly reflect your disposition. Perhaps, you have become more creative and explorative and have found smaller pathways or are possibly even avoiding paths all together.

For people that are more relaxed – any time around the middle of the day is good, and they feel less anxious about 2 metre distances.

It makes life so much easier when we understand our own and other’s modi operandi… it takes the stress out of it. I have noticed a marked difference in the quantity and quality of people’s accusations and complaints about other people’s behaviour. Lately I have so often heard about acts of kindness; how lovely someone has been, how someone has reached out to help someone else. It is incredible how this time is inspiring the best in us and others, I feel as if ego’s are settling down; the fights, conquests, competitions that seemed so important back then, have lessened and in some ways, fallen off the priority list. We are being kept separate, however I believe that on a deeper level Covid-19 is bringing us together. It is unifying, it is making people and different countries pull together. We all need to find a solution… Together.

My mum sent me a text this morning; she said that she was very sad because all of her plans are down the drain. I texted her back and reminded her that we may not have our plans anymore, however we have our lives and we have our health. My mum replied that she was feeling much better and thanked me for reminding her.

Being reminded is rather special. Be thankful for being reminded and remember to remind. Always, with love xx

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