Body Part Focused Exercise Videos

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Body Part Targeted Exercise Videos
Conscious Movement

Beginners to Advanced

Rehabilitation to Peak Performance 

SF Studios are now pleased to offer targeted exercise videos which are designed specifically and individually for the following areas – neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, knees and ankles. The videos are intended for people who have a specific injury in one of these areas, or people who are recovering from surgery and need targeted exercises and physio rehabilitation, and also people recovering from the long-term effects of Covid-19.

As always the videos are choregraphed and planned by Suz, lead physiotherapist, and are safe and efficient with guided steps to help in the journey back towards full health.  

Importantly, existing poor mobility is NOT something that is inevitably or irreversible. Whatever our physical condition we CAN all IMPROVE. Every day at SF Studios we work with clients who transform their physical wellbeing and confidence and a similar life-enhancing opportunity is waiting for you. Every day is a new opportunity to experience and BUILD an enabled body and mind, which brings JOY and FREEDOM.

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For whom are these Videos:  

These videos work well for people rehabilitating through and after physio/osteo/sports therapy and any hands-on treatment. The exercises will supplement the treatments and will help you to become active, independent and self-managing of your condition. 

Too easily people walk out after their quality, professional movement/treatment session and either lack the confidence to exercise without guidance or can’t remember the specifics of a valuable movement routine. These videos are the perfect guide and companion.

What to expect:  

A step by step (very natural) approach that flows well. The exercises are specific, consistent in quality and application. The exercises will make sense to you – following the straightforward guidelines you will experience progression and at times there will be a light-bulb (eureka!) moment where you realise that something has just fallen into place; that you have the ability to do something that you were not able to do before. You will also realise how one set of exercises form the foundation for the next.   

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How to choose:  

Understand your daily capacity – this includes physical, mental and emotional ability (the amount of energy you have on the day).  Understand the demands placed on you yesterday, today, and take into consideration what is coming tomorrow for you.

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Each video is 14 – 22 minutes. The videos will be yours to keep forever – build your library. You will note that the Videos do have titles that could also help you make a decision on what to choose. Future Episodes. Our library will continually be updated and we will add episodes when they are ready. I really hope you love them, I am confident that you will benefit from them and that they will empower you as you build your confidence to move well.

I can Move. I will Move. I am Moving.

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