‘Authentik Welness’ – Loutraki Greece

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We are delighted to launch our “Authentik Wellness” Retreat for 2023 which will be held in beautiful Loutraki, Greece. The Retreat will be run between Saturday 4th June to Saturday 11th June 2022 and there is the choice this year to book either a few days or a full week; the options are detailed below.

The Retreat will be hosted by Suz and her SFS Retreat Team and will include movement (strength and mobility) and restorative classes, coaching, creativity, massage, walking, good nutritious food, good company and so much more. If you know Suz, and are Catch That Fall alumni, you will know what to expect and look forward to, and if you haven’t been before then you are in for a treat. Trust Suz to provide a magical, relaxing and healing experience. It’s an investment in yourself, a chance to take time out to strengthen your mental, physical and emotional well-being. A guest from this year’s Retreat described it as;

“I am very grateful to have attended the Retreat;
I took so much away with me and came home feeling strong and free – the team were superb. One of the great strengths was the diversity of ages and levels of abilities of participants. I feel refreshed and have a renewed sense of energy to live life healthily

and happily.
Congratulations Suz, I look forward to next year!”


Loutraki, Greece, is located approximately 1.5 hours from Athens and is on the Gulf of Corinth coastline. Loutraki is renowned as Greece’s oldest health resort due to its natural mineral springs and therapeutic spas – it is believed that Spartan Warriors came to Loutraki to renew themselves after battle (a Retreat per se for many thousands of years!). The scenery is beautiful complimenting the crystal clear waters, historical sites, thermal spas, tavernas, traditional shops and picturesque walks.

villa retreat sf studios london

We are lucky to host the Retreat at the wonderful Villa Elena. It is a beautiful, spacious, well- maintained residence located close to the beach, with its own gardens, pool and tennis courts. It has beautiful views and the feel of a tranquil private island. Below is a link to explore more photos of the Villa and surrounding area – please have a look through. The photo’s speak for themselves! It is absolutely stunning and we are truly excited to welcome you to this beautiful place.

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There are 3 options to book this year – the full week; 4 nights; or 3 nights.

As per previous years, the rooms are categorised and have a pricing scale to suit your budget; A+ being the most luxurious room, down to C being simple but still beautiful with views. As mentioned the Retreat has 3 options for length of stay:

Option 1: 7 nights / 6 days – Arrive Saturday 4th June and depart Saturday 11th June Option 2: 4 nights / 3 days – Arrive Saturday 4th June and depart Wednesday 7th June Option 3: 3 nights / 2 days – Arrive Wednesday 7th June and depart Saturday 11th June

When you book 4 or more nights, you will receive a 25% discount; paid in full & in advance (non-refundable).

Prices are starting from only £1750.
*Please note: as there is limited availability and high demand, rooms will only be reserved once we have received payment*

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You can find a link to the pricing table below – which details all the different options, rooms, prices and discounts. Please note that the total price excludes any transport costs – this will be your responsibility, however we can offer help and advice for this. The closest airport to Loutraki is Athens. Everything else on the Retreat is inclusive except for the massages – there will be an opportunity to book them before and during the Retreat.

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All food will be healthy, nutritious and delicious. We will provide an early snack and brunch every day. Dinner will be served in the evening on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday – it will be optional whether you want to join these dinners (inclusive), or whether you want to escape and explore the local dining possibilities yourself – just let us know once on Retreat. Monday and Thursday nights will be free nights to eat out or self-cater. Dinner will be served with wine this year (inclusive), however if you prefer spirits you are welcome to bring your own.

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”A wonderful, open, shared experience with like-minded people, supported with the love and care of a great team – Suz has rejuvenated my life, I want to spread my wings and fly a bit further”

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