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What: What type of exercise do you do, how often?

Why: Why do you choose this type of exercise? 

How well do you do to satisfy all of your Needs, Physical, Mental and Emotional? 

At times we are in such a tough place that the only thing that makes us feel better, or keep us ‘fairly calm’ is to go for that ‘lung-busting run’, or perhaps that spinning class where we sweat and know that we have burnt 100’s of calories and keep our weight intact or still constantly fighting our battle to lose weight. 

These classes are great and they do serve a purpose. We all love them. However when I am constantly tired or more to the point exhausted, when I am permanently fighting a little cold or a small injury – all signs that my immune system is battling or when I am constantly having a little ache or am fighting pain. Perhaps it is time to take a step back and be honest with myself: What do I choose to do for exercise and Why do I choose that particular exercise. 

There are a 101 reasons, however I believe that we struggle to make the right choices with all the pressures we face these days. If my day is ruined because I have not burnt my x-amount of calories or I am constantly hindered by injuries then it is time to ‘STOP’. Take stock. 

Start with what is most important: your immune system. How can you help your immunity to support you better?

Sleep: 7-9 hours every night. 

Minimise pressures (stress): Have a Balance between being switched on in a focused way (low Beta) and quiet times (alpha). Day-dream and drift off to delve in your creativity and innate wisdom and sleep long enough to enter the phase of dreamless sleep – to enable your body to repair and to restore, thus maintaining a healthy brain condition and brain waves. 

Nutrition: What do you eat; when and why? 

Have fun: Broaden your attention and focus on a variety of things, be aware of the bigger picture. Spread your wings and seek what is interesting and varied. You need to have more than one thing in your life that gets your attention. Workaholics all end up on one heap: It’s called exhaustion. 

Exercise with purpose. Understand what you choose and feel confident that that choice is serving you and your body well. Treasure your health, do not destruct. No-one is indestructible. 

SF Studios and all the people that work here, are fully committed to ‘Inspire Holistic Individual Health’ in a consistent, long-term manner. At times joint mobility should be a higher priority than calorie-burning, some-times a slower-paced class is more conducive to learning than a fast, pumped up class with loud music….. and yes, at times it feels damn good to give a punch-bag a great punch. We love the punches too, we just know that we need to deserve to punch as we need to land and absorb them safely and confidently. We need to do our ground work consistently: That is ultimately what keeps us safe and our immune systems balances in the long-run. 

Start at the right place, give yourself adequate time, nothing happens overnight and not even in 3 months… However a year or perhaps even longer dedication might serve you for the rest of your life. Play and Compete without being Hurt. Play and Compete with real Confidence and proper Technique. Enjoy what you do, exercise is not meant to be a survival tool to combat all the other negatives in your life. 

Our patient journey, which starts with a comprehensive assessment is there to ensure that we put you on the right path. You will either start with one-to-one sessions, or you would be able to enter a ‘therapy class’ (these are small classes of up to 4 people to help people when they start and when they are unfamiliar to movements or perhaps scared). Or you would be placed in the right class to suit your specific needs. Start well. End well.


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