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Five Element Acupuncture

“Energy is the fundamental key to life, without it, we are dead.”

Understand The Power Behind Five Element Acupuncture

Ancient Chinese medicine identified 12 major organ systems connected by energetic pathways known as meridians or Chi.  These meridians form an interconnected network supporting and communicating with one another, ensuring a constant flow of energy. 
When energy flow is blocked or interrupted, we experience issues like insomnia; skin conditions; gut problems; fatigue; depression; recurring injuries and pain.  Internal and external factors, such as poor diet; sleep; stress; white noise; pollution and viruses can cause these disruptions. 

What to Expect from Acupuncture

At SFS, we utilise acupuncture to open up and harmonise the flow of your energy channels.  By influencing the organs to sync in harmony, you will experience a profound transformation. 
Expect to feel more at peace, experience better sleep and enjoy a general sense of restfulness. Your vitality and energy will be revitalised and your body will regain its ability to heal, strengthen and perform as you desire.  Ultimately, you’ll feel comfortable in your own skin and your body will truly feel like yours again. 

Benefits of Acupuncture

  • Promotes healing and pain relief 
  • Reduces stress and improves the immune system
  • Boosts energy and vitality

Join us at SFS and let Samira, our associated member, guide you on your journey to aligning your energy and embracing a healthier, more balanced life. 

Who will assist you

Associated practitioner


  • Acupuncturist, licensed in System of Five Elements
  • Acupuncture(Lic.Ac)
  • Apprenticed under Gerad Kite
  • Continuing to deepen her knowledge of Five-Element Acupuncture on Yellow Path’s postgraduate programme
  • Mentor and teacher for students on the current undergraduate course
  • Member of the Association of Five-Element
  • Acupuncture(M.AFEA)
  • Certified basic Theta healer (this course will be completed on the 17th of September)