introduction to functional training f

Introduction to Functional Training

Exploring the Fundamental Movement Patterns in Functional Training: Enhancing Daily Activities and Performance Functional training aims to improve an individuals ability to perform their daily tasks and/or sporting disciplines effectively and without injury by focusing on movement efficiency, joint health and muscular balance. A functional training programme can be split into either everyday movements or

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what is fascia


What is Fascia? Fascia is a tissue that ‘wraps’ organs and muscles akin to a bandage.  The superficial fascia extends just underneath the skin; the deep fascia surrounds and wraps muscles and organs and inter-connects them.  Arguably, a lining of the body cavity forming sub-cavities for different organs can also be classified as fascia –

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overtraining when exercising


What is overtraining? Overtraining occurs when a person exceeds their body’s ability to recover from strenuous exercise, resulting in loss of strength and fitness, with chronic fatigue and ‘burnout’ type symptoms. These symptoms can include loss of appetite, weight loss, sleep issues, worsening allergies, colds/flu, persistent muscle soreness, gastrointestinal issues, and respiratory infections. Overtraining is

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stretching with suz 1 sf studios london


How long am I supposed to hold a stretch? This is a question that is posed to me often, and there is a lot of research out there, however, always remember that any research is a study of an average sample group.   I can only state my humble opinion, which is based on my

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