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Renewed Strength and Flexibility

From 14th September 

Thursdays 9:30am - 10:30am

6 sessions - £120.00

This class was originally started for participants who have had various individual therapy (osteopathy, physiotherapy, individual movement) sessions. These people all had one specific complaint - stiffness. This stiffness was in various places in the body and in most cases it was general stiffness, specifically in the mornings, things like putting on a shoe was tricky, lifting your arms above your head was not particularly easy and getting onto and off the floor started to be challenging. 

Most of the initial participants were over 65, however soon younger people who typically suffered a set-back (bout of back pain or spasm, a foot or knee injury etc.) entered this workshop and benefited. The benefit was of such a great importance as these people felt more comfortable in this ‘slower paced-setting’, they were able to scale back and did not feel pressured to perform on a level that they were not quite ready for. Thus if you want to take a step back for whatever reason, this class will be a very comfortable place to do that. 

This workshop definitely focusses on intelligent movement, people that really want to be sensible with their bodies and need to navigate life/movement with some caution. We also focus on confidence, creative ideas to over-come obstacles and breathing. 



Back Extension and Side 

Starting dates are the following :

11th, 13th, 14th September

6 weeks - £120.00 / workshop

This class is good for Improvers and Advancers. You are familiar with my teaching style and you have a fair level of confidence and can be challenged. 

You have done classes for a while. You are familiar with spinal articulation and joint mobilization. You have a good foundation of strength and you are starting to grasp movements well. You are in control of you body, however you still might be experiencing pains, discomfort, weaknesses etc. You can be independent within a group setting. You have a good understanding of movement and your body. 

You will learn and work to improve upper body extension (thorax, shoulders and neck). Due to our live-styles most of us get stiff in these regions of our body. Just have a look at your own posture and people around you (stooped, round back, heads forward, shoulder forward etc.) My aim is to free up movement in you upper back, your shoulder and neck - thus you will have better mobility, strength and control/freedom in these joints. We will also focus on movement as we particularly address the ribcage. 

We are also looking at the sides of the body in these classes: Core, buttocks (glutes), Inner and outer thigh muscles (adductors and abductors). We also particularly look at side lever strength for example side planks, straddles (split) etc. 

This class is good for Improvers and Advancers. You are familiar with my teaching style and you have a fair level of confidence and can be challenged. 



Full Body and Core

From 11th September

6 weeks - £120.00 / workshop

You are able to move relatively well. You might have a few niggles, a bit of stiffness and want to improve on your over-all strength, mobility and flexibility. You are able to participate with a good amount of independence in a class (you do not need 1:1 supervision and you are not afraid of moving, getting up-and-down onto the floor for example). 

A lot of the participants in this class, have done 1:1 therapy (osteopathy, physiotherapy or individual movement therapy), they then entered the Physio rehab class (4 people max) and are now able to enter the workshop (10-12 people max). 

We will be looking at spinal articulation comprehensively. We will be looking and joint mobility, (ankles, knees and hips - in 1 class/week); (wrists, elbows and shoulders- in 1 class/week). We will work on your core as after spinal articulation this is our second priority. 

You will work in various positions (all fours, supine, prone, on your side, in standing, kneeling etc.). You must be able to move around freely. 

This class is a good place to start as you will be taught the fundamental principles of movement and it is a good class for the more advance who want to keep their joints healthy and mobile - reinforcing good habits weekly.