We use massage to target areas of tension, encouraging the muscles to relax and become more supple, so that you can move freely, without pain or discomfort. Massage is an excellent treatment to have alongside our more movement focused therapies.

We offer two types of massage:

Hot Stone Massage

Using heated black basalt stones your masseuse will melt away your tensions. Up to six times deeper than a traditional massage, this is the ultimate option for those seeking intensive treatment. Particularly beneficial for long standing muscle problems, the deep, penetrating heat improves blood flow, enhances muscle tone and reduces stiffness. The combination of heat and pressure is incredibly relaxing, while especially good for those suffering with an 'itis' (rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis, etc.) and poor blood circulation.

Sports Massage

An effective, non-invasive treatment that can relieve specific pain and tension from sore, tight muscles. It focuses on the deeper layers of the muscles, breaking down muscle knots, assisting circulation, and encouraging the natural repair process. Sports massages are a remedial form of treatment favoured for preventing and treating sports related injuries and enhancing performance, but works just as well for pure relaxation. Deep tissue and sports massage involves the application of manual techniques such as pressure, compression, bending, longitudinal gliding, cross fibre work, kneading, stretching and rolling the tissue. The aim of deep tissue mobilisation is to stretch and release the soft tissue of the body.

Massage in Hampstead Heath