What is Coaching?

In addition to the movement treatments and services we provide at SF Studios, Suz also offers a bespoke organisational development and executive coaching service for businesses and individuals, based on her personal experience.

Sometimes we need to be heard and feel understood. Sometimes we need to speak to someone that asks the right questions.

Our individual or full team coaching is led by SF Studios founder Suz Ferreira and can help transform individuals or teams that lack motivation or energy, struggle to communicate, or feel like their lives or careers have been derailed.

In individual cases, your first coaching session will explore your values and establish what motivates you, then we’ll work to raise your self-awareness, improve your tools for managing conflicts and look at how we help you make real changes in your lifestyle.

If you need support regarding a wider team or business change, we can help you find the right communication and awareness to develop a healthy working environment.

Initial consultations take place either in person or over the phone to establish your needs and requirements before we schedule your first official coaching session.

Contact us for more information.

“A few years ago, I hit a wall. I had been working long days, weeks, and months, on a blend of adrenaline and stubbornness and was unable to stop. I was exhausted and sick all the time; I had allergies, my weight fluctuated and I suffered from terrible insomnia. After six courses of antibiotics in five months, a tonsillectomy, and multiple hospital trips – something had to stop. There is always a reason, there is always an excuse, and you can always postpone the date, but at what cost?

The help of a professional coach turned it around for me – I gained more self-awareness and was able to start making changes, it was as if I could ‘see’ my life and myself for the first time. Coaching had – and still has – a profound impact on my life, and I wanted to take on these skills and begin to feed them into our practice.”

— Suz Ferreira, founder, SF Studios

Organisational development and executive coaching service for businesses and individuals