My Story - L


I originally went to Suz after 18 months of lower back and neck pain. It all got pretty bad and I was unable to work and socialise. I went to every Harley street physio under the sun who did not help, and tried to put me on very heavy pain medication.

I started seeing Suz in December 2014, by February 2015 I was up and dancing! The turn around was incredible, she knew exactly what was wrong with me and started doing regular training sessions twice weekly to build up my strength.

By April 2015 I was back in work, and now I try and see her every week to keep everything in check. She sees through skin, always seems to know what's wrong and I trust her completely.

I now have incorporated a lot of exercise into my routine, doing yoga and reformer Pilates regularly. I also see Suz privately for training sessions which I do joint with my brother, who also suffers from similar issues.

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