2 minutes with.........Silvie

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Could you tell me a bit more about lyengar yoga - how does it differ to other forms of yoga? 

Iyengar yoga is one of the most practised form of yoga in the world. The method was designed by Mr BKS Iyengar and places emphasis in its teaching of postures (asana) on the correct alignment of the body and the use of the breath (pranayama). 

What about it appealed to you - if there is one thing you take from it, what is it? 

What appealed to me when I first went to classes, was the methodology used, the teacher demonstrated the posture and when teaching gave us a lot of relevant instructions and if necessary individual adjustment. I always felt more relaxed after a class! 

Who can benefit from it - do you need to be fit/flexible/experienced to come to one of your classes? 

Yoga practice energises and calms the mind and body bringing renewed strength and vitality - increasing levels of concentration, mental calm and general well being. All levels of experience are welcome, beginners, improvers and returners to yoga. We use props such as foam blocks, belts, bolsters etc when necessary to allow individuals to progress in total safety and at their own pace. 

What was your introduction to yoga? 

I attended my first class in 1998 and was lucky to meet my first Iyengar teacher who was giving a class in a church hall 5 minutes from my home. 

How does it make a difference in your life? 

Regular practise helps me stay healthy, supple, strong and has increased my stamina. 

What else do you enjoy doing movement-wise, besides yoga? 

I like walking and swimming. 

Where is your favourite place to be in the world? 

A beach in Goa! 

What gets you up in the morning? 

The smell of nice, strong, Italian coffee! 

What else besides yoga is important in your life? 

My family and friends and exploring new places in the world.

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