My Story - J


J was first introduced to Suzanne Ferreira’s physiotherapy through a mutual friend. 

‘I was having some back problems and I went for the physio – I guess I’d neglected myself and I was getting very stiff. It was the usual – bad posture and I was quite unfit. 

I do the exercises Suz gave me every day – I’ve incorporated them into my routine. But then somewhere along the line, probably in the last year and a half or two years, I started doing some classes – and in fact I’ve done classes with all the therapists at SF Studios. I don’t necessarily need the 1:1 any more, it’s a question of maintenance and possibly even improving! 

The recent beginner’s fitness class with Suz has been absolutely terrific. We have fun while we push ourselves. I took a friend along who was a runner and he’s also loved it. I think we’ll all carry it on – and we could even say it’s an intermediate class now! 

I have such faith in Suz that subject to my schedule, I’ll do whatever she recommends. She knows better than I do what I need! She actually motivates you to take responsibility for yourself. She gets you over the initial hurdle and suddenly you don’t get these problems any more. She also has a real knack of developing friendships across the ages and I really feel like I’m going into a group of friends when I go to SF Studios.’

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