Good news about chocolate!


Easter time and there’s an abundance of chocolate. Everyone knows that scoffing a lot of chocolate is never going to be that good for you, particularly for the waistline. But chocolate isn’t all bad… 

Let’s be clear first of all. The health benefits are in the cocoa part of the chocolate, and to make it into chocolate, you have to add sugar and fat. So the number one thing to look for is dark chocolate, with a high cocoa content. Then we can look at a few benefits. 

Dark chocolate contains some important minerals – potassium, selenium, zinc and iron. 

Some studies have shown that chocolate can help reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure. 

Researchers have also been finding some positive indications that chocolate can help slow cognitive decline and were working with a particular cocoa extract to see if it could reduce or prevent the damage to nerve pathways in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. 

And for most people, a little bit of chocolate boosts their mood – and we all know that’s a good thing! 

So enjoy a little of what you fancy – there are so many options out there, raw, organic, dark – chocolate with a high cocoa content does have its benefits!

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