AIM Method



Our signature three-step approach - Assess, Improve, Move - looks to find the root of your discomfort and build a clear path to your recovery and body confidence.

AIM is a full body MOT for anyone interested in improving their movement – whether after an injury, for improvement on the sports field, or to boost overall body confidence.


Find the root of your discomfort

We work with you to assess your goals and diagnose the root cause of any discomfort. From this we build a tailored action plan for your improvement using a range of assessment methods including PhysiotherapyOsteopathy and Body Screening.


Work towards your goal

 Armed with personalized exercises based on Pilates, Yoga, Movement Conditioning and fitness, we work towards a sustainable and pain free body and mind.

Depending on your initial assessment, we’ll develop an improvement programme with you of one to one sessions, group classes and home exercise plans to meet your needs.

We understand that not all of us struggle with physical ailments. Some of us have a ‘running script’ which impacts us negatively and keeps us feeling stuck, not able to move or to feel well. Coaching - having someone to talk to can shed new light and help you change ‘your script'.


Maintain your health

We work to keep you motivated through a tailored programme of body support which blends decades of experience with the latest innovations. Combining in-studio sessions with home exercise plans, our focus is on maintaining your wellbeing and ensuring long-term body confidence, using our renowned assessment and improvement methods to keep you on track.

Full body MOT